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Video Clips
Serial Code

Event: Welcome Back Paul and Sara
Date: December 28-30, 2004
serialcode.wmv (7.85MB)
Length: 3:11 min
Description: This is a clip of Sgt. Wiggie yelling a serial code to Gunnerman6 accross rooms.
MOAL Party Picture Tribute Show

Date: July 6-8, 2004
picturetribute.wmv (24.4MB)
Length: 27:58 min
Description: This is the picture slidshow that Paul Bruss showed at HOLY MOALY.
The Oz: Unplugged Volume 2

Date: July 6-8, 2004
theozunpluggedvol2.wmv (3.65MB)
Length: 3:20 min
Description: This is a clip of Keith playing his guitar and singing from the HOLY MOALY LAN. He sings about Paul leaving for the army. Don't worry, it's funny, not sad.
The Oz Unplugged on Brandon's Computer

Event: Return of Basement LAN 2
Date: March 28-30, 2004
Filename: theozunplugged.wmv (1.36MB)
Length: 1:16 min
Description: The Oz sings a song and plays his guitar to Brandon about how he wasted his money on his computer.  Everyone gets a good laugh.
New Years British Commentary

Event: 03-04 New Years LAN
Date: December 31, 2003-January 1, 2004
Filename: newyears04.wmv (6.60MB)
Length: 6:00 min
Description: British commentator, The Oz, keeps up with all of the events leading up to, during, and after the New Years 03-04 celebration at MOAL Party.
Cooler Contest

Event: 03-04 New Years LAN
Date: December 31, 2003-January 1, 2004
Filename: coolercontest.wmv (3.34MB)
Length: 3:08 min
Description: Find out why we loaded everyone at Mercantile LAN in the walk-in cooler by watching this video.  Well maybe the video won't explain it, but it sure interesting to see!  Everybody in the cooler!
Haku Sings Work Song

Event: Labor Hall LAN VIII
Date: November 28-29, 2003
Filename: worksong.wmv (2.14MB)
Length: 1:59 min
Description: Chris sings "Work Song" from Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles.  Nobody cares.
Athletes and Gamers

Event: Labor Hall LAN V
Date: August 29-30, 2003
Filename: athletesandgamers.wmv (2.65MB)
Length: 2:26 min
Description: Some of us at MOAL Party are destined to be athletes while others should just stick to playing their games.  In this clip, Keith, Chris B., and Mike race from the labor hall to the bank.  Chris wins by cheating, but claims he had just chugged a whole bottle of BAWLS before the race and had not only ran to the bank and back but also around the building twice.  See how he feels after all that running!
Early Morning Activities

Event: Labor Hall LAN IV
Date: July 25-26, 2003
Filename: earlymorningactivities.wmv (14.5MB)
Length: 13:12 min
Description: If you want to see how us MOAL gamers get exercise, watch this video.  The idea first appeared during Hamby's second LAN party.  If you can pardon us for the shaky-cam and leaving the back lighting on, it's pretty funny watching a group of people push AtomicCow_04's Audi around town when they could just turn the key and start it up, but where is the fun in that?

The Labor Hall Bike

Event: Labor Hall LAN IV
Date: July 25-26, 2003
Filename: thelaborhallbike.wmv (2.83MB)
Length: 2:33 min
Description: Ever since we started using the Labor Hall for MOAL Party there has always been the trashed up bike in the back that we have yet to get rid of or completely destroy.  As always we tried to see who could ride it and this time we recorded it!
Why We Lock The Doors

Event: Labor Hall LAN III
Date: June 27-28, 2003
Filename: whywelockthedoors.wmv (5.64MB)
Length: 5:10 min
Description: At Labor Hall LAN III, the doors were locked at midnight.  The people featured in this video are the exact reason why we do this.  These folks are straight out of the bar next door and they are wasted.  Viewer discretion is advised.
Goin' To Crossroads

Event: Labor Hall LAN III
Date: June 26-28, 2003
Filename: gointocrossroads.wmv (15MB)
Length: 13:59 min
Description: Just for fun we thought we'd go to Crossroads while Mike was working as cook during Labor Hall LAN III.
Chrisb_Chicken Comments on Termites

Event: Shadow's LAN
Date: March 22-23, 2003
Filename: termite.wmv (840KB)
Length: 0:18 min
Just when we thought we'd be able to LAN in the basement again, termites took over.  This clip is from Shadow's LAN where Chris B. comments on the termites taking of Paul B.'s basement.

The Dancing Mike

Event: Mike's LAN Party Redone
Date: June 29-30, 2002
Filename: thedancingmike.wmv (297KB)
Length: 0:11 min
Description: With his webcam, Paul S. captured this short video clip of Mike dancing around while listening to some music on Paul B.'s computer.  This took place at Mike's LAN Party Re-Done.

MOAL Party Business Tech Commercial

Event: AtomicCow's School Project
Date: N/A
Filename: biztechcommercial.wmv (5.99MB)
Length: 8:14 min
Description: This is a commercial for Paul B.'s business tech class project.  The project was to create a business and part of it was creating a commercial.  It was made using Windows Movie Maker.  The video clips of the LAN party are from MOAL Party V and Turkey Attack.  The video and sound quality has been lowered to make the size smaller.

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