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Really? OnlyPixels promotes his ecigarettes
DJ's Setup ChrisbChicken wins in Generals. He's freakin awesome!
Back to gaming LeftoverCrack, Skittle, and Rambo playing Call of Duty 4
Hedge and OnlyPixels playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare Jats! You camper!
That's better ChrisbChicken starts off the Prize Ceremony to award MOAL Party's top games with goodies from our sponsors Alienware, Crucial, and Thermaltake
The top gamer, Hedge, claims this 4GB kit of Crucial Ballistix Tracer RAM. Good stuff. OnlyPixels takes second place and claims a Thermaltake PC Harness
Rambo takes third place an gets an Alienware backpack/laptop bag LeftoverCrack gets picked in the raffle and claims a huge heatsink and fan from Thermaltake
Jay claims the Alienware leather binder Jats gets an Alienware inflatable hammer
ChrisbChicken gets a Crucial Memory Hog tshirt Another picture with the Crucial shirt
What ya gonna do with that hammer Jats? Hedge and OnlyPixels are packed up and leaving
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